Surfing kayaks in the past have always lacked in durability and performance, inferior fin setups and no scupper holes inspired my journey to create a better product. After breaking 2 epoxy wave skis on small waves, I knew that was not the answer. The quest for the ultimate plastic wave ski began.  We began trying out designs in Costa Rica when the idea for the PSYLOCK FURY X was born.  Being an engineer, I knew superior materials could be the answer. Crosslink is our answer. Crosslink gave us the ability to build a stronger product able to withstand harsh condition. Our channeled bottom increase lift and speed while simultaneously creating a boat that can lock onto the wave during the steeper sections. We added futures fins, the best fin box on the market, significantly stronger than FCS, especially under the pressures of kayak surfing. Five fin boxes allow you to put it in a twin setup, quad, thruster, single fin or five fins of fury. Put it all together we made an incredible boat, as indestructible as the best whitewater kayak, with a high performance design, ideal for hitting all sizes of surf.


Today our story continues where our kayaks are used by many surfers on the East Coast, the West Coast, Central America, and even Hawaii.