It begin with a typo I meant to write reckless I wrote Ackless and so the story begins. Ackless it means reckless but less probability of death. Ackless is in the eye of the beholder in our case that means push it to the limit I’m pushing the envelope of a Ackless Kayak is pushing it to the limit of what is possible. Been surfing Kayaks for years but they didn’t cut the mustard scupper holes in them and inferior fin arrangements made sit on top surfing kayaks lacking in performance and the best of them still buckled and broke. After breaking 2 epoxy wave skis on small waves I knew that was not the answer. The quest for the ultimate plastic wave ski began. The m a c began trying out designs in Costa Rica. When satisfied we took everything we could the the design of the PSYLOCK FURY X.  Being an engineer, I knew superior materials could be the answer. Crosslink is our answer. 

  Futures are the strongest fins we know of so we added them in a five fin setup. You can put it in a quad twin, thruster, single fin or five fins of fury. 
  Put it all together we made an incredible goat boat as indestructible as the best whitewater kayak with a high performance design.