Goku POWDERSUIT Snowsuit

Do it

When its cold out and your hitting the waves you need protection and power style.  Nothing screams power style like the Ackless Kayaks Goku Snowsuit. And this baby will keep you warm. When your checkin it [the waves] or getting out of your wetsuit you don't want a stupid robe you need a suit.


I ski with powdersuits I have my whole life. I have figured out what is needed in a good one that will get you thru 40 mph winds on the top of the 12,000 ft poma lift in blizzard conditions. This suit was designed by someone who knows what features you need to keep the snow out and the warm in whilst keeping you mobile to kick it.


Just being outside on the beach in winter. Running, working out, e bike on the beach you need the suit to keep you warm and no seams at the beltline so that when you do want to hit the waves your warm when you start. And it you like Goku no brainer. If you do get hot vents under the armpits and in the groin sort you out. 

Insulated. Inside Pockets. Oversize hood to fit over Helmets. Kids size to 4xl. Waterproof