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Heavy barrel surf kayaking in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

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Getting barreled The Psylock Fury X with Quad Fin Setup

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The track allows for Yac Attack, Sealect design and other track mounted accessories, such as rod holders, crates, bottle horlders, ect. 

Ackless Kayaks

We’re bringing surf kayaking back with the Psylock Fury X. Designed in Costa Rica, California and Atlantic City. The Psyl0ck fury is complete with the tested and true Futures Fin boxes. Five fin boxes allow for a combination of different setups. Made of crosslink Polyethylene XLPE, the strongest plastic available. Surfing waves is what this baby is all about but an H track allows for mounted accessories.

The Best Kayak ever made

  • Strength, Durability, and Performance is what we are after, that’s why we use:
  • Crosslink HDPE
  • Futures Fin boxes
  • Specially Designed S-Foil Thigh Straps
  • H bar aluminum stringer track compatible with most kayak accessories.
  • Design tested in Costa Rica.

Design Philosophy

A surfing kayak made for all sizes of waves that can withstand the pressures of the largest storms. The Psylock Fury has the capability of a white water kayak; Eskimo rolls, on wave cartwheels, clean 360s, the versatility and freedom of a sit on top, and the cutting speed of a surfboard. The rider in all photos is 300lbs so she will float you, but still rips for smaller riders.

Ackless means reckless but slightly less Probability of Death so get ackless you only live twice.